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2011 - Press Releases

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PubTrack™ Consumer to Study Cookbook Buyer Behavior

Annual Cookbook Publishing Report will track the impact of digital resources on cooks’ preferences in books and other sources of recipe information

New Providence, NJ – December 19, 2011 – PubTrack™ Consumer will launch a comprehensive new research study into the behavior of cookbook buyers, which will enable publishers to make better informed decisions in one the industry’s most dynamic market segments. The PubTrack Consumer Cookbook Publishing Report will determine how, where and why consumers buy cookbooks, digging deep into the impact of the digital transformation on what consumers buy and how they learn about cookbooks and authors. Over time, this annual study will plot trends so that publishers can develop products that fit more precisely to the shifting preferences of their customers. PubTrack is a highly regarded service of Bowker, an affiliated business of ProQuest.

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New International Identifier Connects the Right Person with the Right Credentials

Global standards group asks “What’s in a name?”

December 12, 2011 (New Providence, NJ) – More than 45 million people “like” Stefani Germanotta’s Facebook page and a similar number count themselves as fans of the internationally renowned author/singer/songwriter Roosevelt Gook. While instantly recognizable under their stage identities, Lady Gaga and Bob Dylan are far more difficult to trace through their real names (or less famous pseudonyms in Dylan’s case). And performers aren’t the only ones changing names: authors often write under multiple names, making it difficult for readers to find their other works. Libraries, too, invest enormous efforts in disambiguating creators and sorting their works. Equally important, especially to the creators themselves, is the ability for organizations administering rights to correctly identify who gets what royalty.

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US ISBN Agency endorses BISG Policy Statement on Best Practices for Identifying Digital Products

New Providence, NJ – December 7th, 2011 – In its role as the ISBN Agency for the United States and its territories, Bowker, a leading global provider of bibliographic information solutions and services, welcomes the BISG Policy Statement on Best Practices for Identifying Digital Products. “While there are a few areas where the US ISBN Agency would have chosen a slightly different approach, in particular around how Digital Rights Management (DRM) affects digital product identification, we believe this document offers the publishing community good guidance and information on how to identify e-books in the supply chain,” said Beat Barblan, Director of Identifier Services at Bowker.

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PubTrack™ Consumer and BML to Study Travel Buyer Behavior

Annual travel publishing report will arm publishers with data to plot market forces

New Providence, NJ – December 6, 2011 – In a marketplace undergoing dramatic change, there has never been a more important time for travel publishers, travel websites and travel companies to understand how, where and why their customers are accessing information. Now PubTrack in the U.S. and BML in the U.K. are launching the Consumer Travel Report to capture the traveling consumer’s habits and motivation at a crossroads moment. This groundbreaking new study will survey and evaluate key groups of travelers to reveal why and how travel information needs are changing so rapidly and arm publishers with data for better decision-making. PubTrack and BML are highly regarded business intelligence services of Bowker, an affiliated business of ProQuest.

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